"Time to fight."
―Being summoned[src]

Nord Firebrand is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends.


  • Nord Firebrand can be obtained by purchasing Core Set packs or by soul summoning it for 50 gems.
  • Two Nord Firebrands can be obtained by acquiring the Warriors of Hammerfell deck.
  • Two Nord Firebrands are put into the player's hand if Raiding Party is played.
  • Two Nord Firebrands are put into the player's hand when Markarth Bannerman attacks.


Nord Firebrand can be used to quickly eliminate dangerous but weak Creatures, such as Bog Lurcher, and do it quickly and efficiently. It can also be used as an extra asset in defeating an opponent or a Creature. Its "Charge" ability allows it to become the ultimate expendable card. Using the Northwind Outpost card in combination with Nord Firebrand is advisable, as it results in a free 2/1 creature with charge.


  • "Attack!" – Attacking.



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