Nord Winds is a weaponry, armor, and clothing shop in central Bruma run by Olfand and Skjorta. Olfand has 1000 GoldIcon and a Mercantile skill of 60. He offers repair services and basic training in Light Armor.


His wares include a unique cuirass Dondoran's Juggernaut which fortifies Strength and Endurance while draining Speed and Athletics. His wife Skjorta is a clothier with exactly the same amount of gold and Mercantile skill level as her husband. She should have been able to sell a unique Councilor's Hood, but she doesn't due to a bug.

The main trading room is on the ground floor and consists of three counters with a large selection of clothes, armor, and miscellaneous items on display. In the corner a small forge with an anvil along with a bellow and a furnace sits. The private quarters is locked along with the dining room and bedroom.



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