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"Woe to the unwary explorer who delves deep into the burial crypts of the ancient Nords, and disturbs the Draugr that dwell within."
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Nordic Tombs are ancient Nordic burial sites spread throughout the province of Skyrim. Some tombs were also places of worship for Dragon Priests and Dragons, such as Bleak Falls Barrow,[1] Forelhost, and Skuldafn.[2] Some of these tombs were actual cities when they were first built, such as Labyrinthian/Bromjunaar, Korvanjund, Volunruud,[3] Saarthal,[4] and Ragnvald.

Tombs without a word wallEdit

Most tombs house Word Walls, where a Word of Power is learned for use with Dragon Shouts, but there are some exceptions:

Inhabitants and enemiesEdit

Unique named enemiesEdit

Gauldurson FamilyEdit

Dragon PriestsEdit

Puzzles and trapsEdit

  • Tombs mostly have puzzle doors, which are opened by Dragon Claws.
  • Tombs contain many dangerous traps, such as cave-ins or poison dart guns.

List of tombsEdit



  • Several of the tombs are referred to as "barrows." In reality, barrows are a type of burial mound most often associated with Neolithic and Early Bronze Age European cultures. In a similar vein, the carvings found in Nordic tombs are based upon the carvings found in the Neolithic passage tomb at Newgrange in Co. Meath, Ireland.
  • Halldir's Cairn visually appears as the Nordic Tomb, but both the map icon and the Creation Kit shows it as a cave.




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