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North Shriekwind Bastion is a location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and is one of the entrances to Shriekwind Bastion. It is located northeast of Falkreath, a small path off of the main road leads to the entrance.



  • Facing the North entrance, there are some stone stairs to the left. There are two points of interest after climbing them:
    • To the right, there exists a second set of stairs up to a ledge. At the end of this ledge, a large stone bowl will be found. Laying inside will be an honed ancient Nord weapon, a random soul gem, and a random healing potion. Outside of the stone bowl, to the left, will be a pair of Ancient Nord Boots.
    • To the left, there is a path leading to the top of this structure where some loot and a corundum ore vein may be found. A chest is hidden under an arch, while the ore vein is just beyond it on the slope to the right of the structure.
  • Within the Shriekwind ruin, in one of many small rooms, there are around a dozen pairs of shoes bunched together. Among this assorted collection, one may find the rare fur-lined boots and pleated shoes, which is one of the very few locations these boots are found.