North Skybound Watch is an ancient Nordic ruin found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


North Skybound Watch is an ancient Nordic watchpost situated on the western edge of the mountains in southeastern Whiterun, overlooking the river valley. Riverwood is located due west, Orphan Rock is to the southeast.


North Skybound Watch is a large stone structure that remains mostly intact. There is a single large room with a doorway in front and in back. Exiting through the back door leads to a stone walkway with a pedestal at the end. There is also a short flight of steps down to a door which leads to Skybound Watch Pass. A few skeletons may sometimes be found outside the main entrance.


Destruction Ritual SpellEdit

When the Dragonborn reaches Level 100 with Destruction magic, speaking to Faralda about it causes her to give them a book titled Power of the Elements. Though vague, the book gives instructions of four locations where it must be placed on a pedestal and hit with a specific Destruction spell. North Skybound Watch has the third pedestal described, overlooking the Whiterun Hold. Placing the book and using a Frost Destruction spell on it will complete this fourth of the quest, contributing to the unlocking of the Fire Storm spell.


  • The pedestal that has the option to be activated is used in the quest "Destruction Ritual Spell."


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