The Northern Maiden is a ship found at the docks of Windhelm, captained by Gjalund Salt-Sage.

Initially it's the only way to reach the island of Solstheim; however, after the first trip to Raven Rock, it is no longer required as the only option to fast travel to and from the mainland. If choosing to fast travel to Skyrim from Solstheim, the Dragonborn will appear on the deck of this ship at the Windhelm Docks.

It is still possible to ask captain Gjalund for passage between the two locations; however, each crossing on the ship costs 250GoldIcon.



The ship recently returned from Solstheim, bringing with it cultists of Miraak. Captain Gjalund Salt-Sage reveals the strange circumstances of his journey and will eventually agree to take the Dragonborn to the island.




  • On the Skyrim world map, the ship cannot be seen on the docks.
  • There is actually a hidden door on the Northern Maiden where characters can go from Skyrim to Solstheim.confirmation needed


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  • Attempting to fast travel from the deck of this ship after arriving there via fast travel may cause the game to crash.
  • The ship does not appear even after completing the appropriate quests.
  •  PC   360   PS3   If the Dragonborn is over-encumbered and trying to get back to Skyrim, Gjalund will still give the appropriate dialogue and charge the fee of 250 GoldIcon (and takes the cash) but, after a very short loading screen, the Dragonborn will not have moved from the spot they were standing in when they talked to him.
    • Solution: dropping the appropriate amount of items will make the ship usable again.
    • Same thing happens when trying to go to Solstheim.


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