"I've got to get out of here!"
―Northwatch Prisoner[src]

Northwatch Prisoner is a prisoner located in the Northwatch Keep. They are residents of Skyrim who have broken laws against the Aldmeri Dominion. Thalmor Justiciars have been seen on the roads of Skyrim with these prisoners.


They can be found at any time in the Keep, in cells that can be opened by a lever or Master Lockpicking. If spoken to, they will reply rudely and make no attempt to escape if the doors have been unlocked or opened. The only quest they are related to is Missing in Action, in which they play little to no part. It is possible to free them from Justiciars, after which they will run away.


  • "I've got to get out of here!" ―Said by the Nord prisoner.
  • "What are you looking at?" ―Said by the Argonian prisoner.
  • "Leave me alone." ―Said by the Breton prisoner.


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  • If they are killed while sleeping, they may sink through the floor.


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