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Note from the Last Legionnaire is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online: Murkmire.

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Contents[edit | edit source]

I might be the last surviving member of the Imperial Ninth Legion. At the very least, I'm the last surviving member that I know about.

I have some small amount of skill at spellcasting, which could be what has kept me alive up to this point. More importantly, my arcane training might help me understand the creature that has destroyed us. The treacherous Argonian called it a voriplasm, but it's unlike any of the specimens we encountered outside the cavern. This one is stronger, larger, more resilient. Gin-Rajul called it the Wuju-Ka, and I think he purposely led us in here so the creature could devour us!

There's a table or altar of some sort. I think it holds the key to stopping the Wuju-Ka. If only I could—

Damn! The creature sends bits of itself against me—

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