Novice Robes is a type of enchanted clothing worn by novice mages. The robes allow the wearer's Magicka to regenerate 50% faster.


  • When escaping Helgen, a dead body in a cage in the torture room of Helgen Keep can be found wearing Novice Robes and the matching hood, with a Sparks tome lying next to him.
  • New mages of the College of Winterhold are seen wearing novice robes.
  • Novice mages in many dungeons throughout Skyrim wear variations of novice robes according to their relevant school of magic.
  • Mirabelle Ervine at the College of Winterhold will give this item to the Dragonborn, along with a Novice Hood and a pair of boots, once they join.
  • Can be found as random loot all over Skyrim (especially at low levels).


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