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"Only crowned heads will hold the Totem true. First is one who killed, but did not kill another. Second is one who is two devoured by its young. Third is one who made one slave and many free. Fourth and Fifth are two who compete for mud. Sixth is one who brings a home to the homeless. Seventh is one who lords all, but does not lord at all."

Nulfaga was a Dowager Queen of Daggerfall, and is sometimes called the Mad Witch. Nulfaga was the grandmother of the current King of Daggerfall and is married to Arslan II. She was a powerful mystic and necromancer. She had a dragon familiar named Skakmat.[source?]


When Sentinel declared war on Daggerfall, due to the submission of the Isle of Betony to Daggerfall, Nulfaga and Medora Direnni urged King Lysandus not to enter the war. Both sorceresses foretold doom to King Lysandus, but Lysandus insisted on his decision to fight against Sentinel. Nulfaga retired to Shedungent in the Wrothgarian Mountains and left Skakmat behind to report to her.[source?]

Although Skakmat, with his unnatural fog, tried to avoid the Battle of Cryngaine Field, eventually as foretold, Lysandus was killed by a Sentinel arrow. Nulfaga herself went mad and blamed Medora for Lysandus' death. She cursed Direnni Tower, and imprisoned Medora Direnni in her tower. However, Daggerfall under Prince Gothryd won the war.[source?]

Nulfaga mistakenly learned that the murderer of her son, Lysandus, was in the unmarked ship from the Imperial City. The ship was, in fact, the ship of the mysterious agent sent by Uriel Septim VII. She summoned a storm to swallow and destroy the ship and its passengers.[source?]

After the agent avenged King Lysandus, her memory was somewhat restored. She helped the agent in the final quest concerning the Numidium. She prophesied the wielders of the Numidium.[source?]



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