Numinex Front

Numinex's skull being displayed above the Jarl's throne.

"Long ago in the First Age, a fearsome dragon named Numinex ravaged the whole of Skyrim. The dreadful drake wiped out entire villages, burned cities and killed countless Nords. It seemed that no power in Tamriel could stop the monster."
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Numinex (Dragon Language: NUMINEX) is the name of the dragon that was shouted into submission by king Olaf One-Eye atop Mount Anthor in Skyrim.


King Olaf kept the dragon in captivity as a personal pet in Dragonsreach, which was built to house the humiliated beast.

Paarthurnax tells the Dragonborn that he would visit Numinex during his imprisonment, and that Numinex was so lonely and disturbed by his captivity that he could not remember his own name. It is not explained how Paarthurnax was able to visit Numinex and escape without notice, nor does he offer any reason why he did not attempt to free Numinex from captivity.

After Numinex died, his head was removed and placed above the Jarl of Whiterun's throne, where it remained to be displayed for some time, until at least the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


  • Numinex is the subject of Skyrim's first revision to King Olaf's Verse during the end of the quest "Tending the Flames." Depending on the player's decision, they can claim one of three possibilities for Olaf's victory: that Olaf captured Numinex while he was asleep; that Olaf made some sort of deal with the dragon; or that Olaf was Numinex himself masquerading as a human. While the third is a falsehood and is marked as such by a "Persuade" tag, it is unknown if either of the other two answers holds any truth; however, if the second option is selected, Viarmo will state that it explains how Numinex escaped from Dragonsreach.
  • Numinex's name can be seen in King Olaf One-Eye's plaque on the wall outside of the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm. Although the text is barely readable, it can be assumed the plaque describes how King Olaf defeated the dragon.
  • Though Numinex's name cannot be perfectly translated into the Dragon Language, some theoretical fan translations have been posited, such as Numunnax (NUMUNNAX), meaning "Now-Man-Cruelty" and Numiinex (NUMIiNEX) meaning "Now-Eye-___" with the last word being fan-translated as meaning "one" in reference to the dragon's capture by Olaf One-Eye, however, the latter translation is unlikely due to a word for "one" already existing in the Dragon language: "Gein."
  • A discussion of the different accounts of Olaf's conquest of Numinex can be read in the in-game book Olaf and the Dragon.



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