Numinex is the name of the Dragon shouted into submission by King Olaf One-Eye atop Mount Anthor in Skyrim.

King Olaf kept the dragon in captivity as a personal pet in Dragonsreach, which was built to house the humiliated beast. After he died, his head was removed and placed above the Jarl of Whiterun's throne, where it remained, through the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


  • Paarthurnax has said that he would visit Numinex during his imprisonment and that Numinex was so lonely and disturbed by his captivity that he could not remember his own name. How Paarthurnax was able to visit Numinex and escape without notice or why he didn't try to free Numinex is never explained.
  • Numinex is the subject of Skyrim's first revision to King Olaf's Verse during the end of the quest "Tending the Flames".
  • Dragons in Elder Scrolls are immortal, however the suggestion seems to be that Numinex died in captivity, rather than being slain in battle. This discrepancy is left unexplained. Since they took off his head and did not bury him in the ground, Alduin couldn't resurrect him.


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