"Just jotting this stop down for posterity. Ahem. "The Queen was a stickler for tradition, and would not eschew the dead." No, that doesn't sound good at all."

Nuulehtel is an Altmer who can initially be found in Tanzelwil, guarding Queen Ayrenn and recording her travels.


Depths of MadnessEdit



  • "He suffers. His mind sits on a razor's edge."
  • "Nuuhlehtel, the Queen's herald. The most knowledgable man in the Aldmeri Court.".
  • "Knowing secrets is like slowly freezinf to death. Painful. Numbing."
  • "Nuuhletel announced mt expulsion from the Queen's inner circle"
  • "Amazing, isn't it? The Queen chose a herald who can barely stand speaking to others."
  • (Nuulehtel) "It's so cold. Can barely move. Never get out of here. Not sure I want to."
  • "He fears others yet you forced him from seclusion. How kind."


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