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"The effect of her smile was truly magical, I'm convinced. Her body was, of course, perfect; her face lovely and serene; her hair like silk flame. But until she smiled, she was beautiful in the abstract, a perfect statue by a master. The smile made her approachable and, thus, terrifying."
Vondham Barres in A Scholar's Guide to Nymphs.

Nymphs are rare and mysterious beings found in High Rock and Hammerfell.[1] They have the ability called Energy Leech that drains fatigue on touch. All of the species seem to be female and are usually described as beautiful, naked women.

Culture[edit | edit source]

Nymphs are usually found living alone in hidden grottoes. They do, however, have a language of their own, which is said to sound like Ayleid and faerie languages, but share no vocabulary. This language is said to be difficutlt to learn for common Tamrielic races.[1]

Despite the common tales of Nymph seductive nature, they are, in fact, very shy creatures. It takes months to gain one's trust and make her reveal herself. It is said that Nymphs are the wisest and most wonderful creatures in Tamriel. They know more about the behavior and varieties of the deep woodland creatures than the greatest Bosmer scholar.[1]

Notable Nymphs[edit | edit source]

  • Ayalea                                                            

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