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For the storyline in Online, see Gates of Oblivion.

Oblivion Gates are massive, otherworldly portals used by Daedric forces to create a gateway bridge between Mundus and the various realms of Oblivion, most frequently as tools of war. Oblivion Gates are used to transport large troops of Daedra into Mundus to act as invasion forces, often being summoned outside major cities and other settlements. Oblivion Gates have notably been employed in two major Daedric conquests of Tamriel, those being Molag Bal's Second Era invasion, the Planemeld, and Mehrunes Dagon's Third Era invasion, the Oblivion Crisis.

By game[]




Oblivion Crisis[]

The Oblivion Crisis saw an extensive use of Oblivion Gates, being summoned outside major cities in Cyrodiil to allow for Mehrunes Dagon's footsoldiers to pass from the Deadlands into Mundus, where they would lay siege to cities. Dagon's Oblivion Gates take the shape of the Daedric letter Oht (Daedric O.svg), being filled in with an orange portal. The summoning of Oblivion Gates causes the nearby sky to turn blood-red and causes several Daedric flora to spawn in the general vicinity of the portal, killing native Tamrielic plants.

An Oblivion Gate can be closed by sending in an adventurer to enter the portal and remove the Sigil Stone, which acts as a sort of battery to the gate. When the stone is removed, the portal will close and the gate will collapse in on itself.

Great Gates[]

As demonstrated during the Oblivion Crisis, a variant of Oblivion Gate called Great Gates can be created to deploy massive weapons, such as Siege Crawlers. These Great Gates are several times larger than standard gates and are used during large-scale attacks on cities, such as at Kvatch and at Bruma.