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Odahviing (Dragon Language: O.svgD.svgAh.svgV.svgIi.svgN.svgG.svg, Snow-Hunter-Wing) was a red Dragon that lived during the Merethic Era, and was resurrected during the Fourth Era. In his lifetime, Odahviing was a soldier serving Alduin during the Dragon War, but later became a companion of the Last Dragonborn.

By game[]


Merethic Era[]

During the Dragon War, Odahviing served as a soldier to Alduin, who fought against the Nords that rebelled against the Dragon Cult. Like many Dragons, Odahviing was killed in battle, and his remains were taken by the Cult to be buried, somewhere in the southern mountains near Riften. When the Dragon Priests were captured in the Crusade of Interrogation, Odahviing's Dragon Mound was discovered by the Dragonguard, eventually being recorded by the Blades in 2E 373. Odahviing's original temple and Dragon Priest are currently unknown, but the temple was likely besieged during the Dragon War, like many of the other lairs in Skyrim. And the Priest was killed amidst the chaos. Odahviing's soul was not absorbed by a Dragonborn, essentially leaving him dormant until the return of the World-Eater.[1]

Fourth Era[]

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During the Dragon Crisis in 4E 201, Odahviing was one of the many Dragons that were resurrected by Alduin, who had returned to the mortal plane after the battle at the Throat of the World. Odahviing continued to serve Alduin in his onslaught against the province of Skyrim. When the Last Dragonborn and Paarthurnax defeated Alduin at Snow-Throat, Alduin retreated to his eyrie at Skuldafn. Seeking to gain access to the remote temple, the Last Dragonborn needed intel on Alduin's location, and sought help from Jarl Balgruuf the Greater of Whiterun, whose palace of Dragonsreach is designed to hold a Dragon. With the help of the Greybeards and the Blades, the Dragonborn had called Odahviing. The Dragon initially thought that the Dragonborn challenged him, but in reality, Odahviing was captured and used to uncover Alduin's location. Acknowledging his defeat, Odahviing took the Dragonborn to the outskirts of Skuldafn, where he would leave them, and seek refuge at the Throat of the World. With Alduin killed in Sovngarde, the Dragon Crisis was over, and Odahviing retired at the Throat of the World with other Dragons and Paarthurnax, awaiting the Dragonborn's call to battle.[2][3]