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Odirniran is a House Telvanni quest available to the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Master Aryon, the premier quest giver of House Telvanni, will inform the Nerevarine of an incident developing at the residence of Milyn Faram. Faram is under attack from House Hlaalu at his residence of Odirniran, and the Nerevarine is tasked with defending him from the attackers.

Defence of OdirniranEdit

Odirniran can be found to the south of Nchurdamz (a prominent Dwemer Ruin), although, from the outside, there are no signs that the residence is under siege. Inside the residence, however, the Hlaalu attackers are assembled near to the entrance and will attack the Nerevarine on-sight. Having battled through the attacking forces, the Nerevarine may ascend through the tower to speak to Faram.

Faram will, at first, be cautious when the Nerevarine first speaks to him, asking if they are sure that the leader of the Hlaalu force, Remasa Othril, has been killed. Once this has been confirmed, Faram will thank the Nerevarine and (if the Nerevarine shows interest in his research) will reward them with 7 copies of his scroll. Having saved Faram, the Nerevarine may return to Aryon to complete the quest and received two further rewards, Incident in Necrom and a Silver Staff of Hunger.


IDJournal Entry
10Master Aryon asked me to help Milyn Faram who is being attacked by Hlaalu in Odirniran. I should find Milyn Faram first to find out how many Hlaalu there are.
  • Quest accepted
30Milyn Faram told me to kill Remasa Othril, but to leave Vedelea Othril alone.
50Milyn Faram thanked me for killing Remasa Othril in Odirniran.
60Milyn Faram shared some of his theories with me and gave me some summoning scrolls.
100Master Aryon thanked me for ending the siege of Odirniran.
  • Quest complete



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  •  PC   After choosing the option of being interested in what Milyn's research is about, the game fails to register the correct response, choosing the option of not being interested. This results in missing out on the physical rewards for the quest.


  • This quest has a counterpart quest, open to members of House Hlaalu.
    • In the Hlaalu version ("Kill Telvanni at Odirniran"), the Nerevarine must kill Faram instead of the Hlaalu members.
    • If the Nerevarine has joined both Hlaalu and Telvanni (through the Hlaalu Hortator glitch) then it is advised that they complete the Telvanni quest first, as there will be no punishment for killing the attackers.
  • Inside Odirniran, the Nerevarine will find Vedelea Othril being held prisoner.
    • The Nerevarine may not kill her.
  • Killing Faram (or refusing to speak to him) will cause none of the rewards to be given to the Nerevarine.
    • They will still obtain the reputation and disposition increases.

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