Not to be confused with Odvar.
"What do you want, new blood?"

Odvan is a Breton prisoner in Cidhna Mine and is Bothela's grandson. He recounts his capture for the Dragonborn, explaining how he was accused of murdering a person, but he claims he was sleeping off mead in his aunt's house at the time of a murder case. He became a Forsworn after his imprisonment because he found it easier to serve than rot.


No One Escapes Cidhna MineEdit

How long have you been here? "A couple of years? I wasn't a Forsworn when I came, but I joined up when I got in. Easier that way."
What are you in for? "Guards say I murdered someone. I was just sleeping off some mead in my aunt's house, but that didn't stop them from arresting me. I don't even know who they said I killed."


  • "I was sent here because someone said I was a Forsworn."
  • "I'm innocent. The Nords framed me. I was nowhere near that murder weapon."
  • "I wonder how grandma Bothela is doing. She's probably worried sick about me."
  • "I can't believe we're finally getting out."



  • He is the grandson of Markarth's apothecary, Bothela, although she mentions him as her "imprisoned nephew."


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