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The backwoods of Cyrodiil, and indeed any stretch of rarely traversed common land across Tamriel, may be home to one of Tamriel's basest aberrations, the ogre. Peek into a den of sticks or the shallow cave of a rocky hillock, and you may not meet a troll or a wolf but a small community of these primitive creatures. Often it is best to leave their hunting land fallow, as they tend to shy away from our thresholds and keep other marauders in check. If an ogre is presenting you with some difficulty, you are obliged to contact the nearest town guard. For a nominal fee, a raiding party can easily dispatch such a foe.

Ogres have not the intelligence to argue a point and take a primal enjoyment when mashing den intruders into malformed corpses. They hunt for food and gather necessities, and enjoy life on Nirn no more than that, with the exception of when employing their considerable strength to wrench apart foes or lob large rocks at them. Fortunately, the ogres' ponderous nature enables nimble opponents to avoid such attacks. As for their coloration, Phrastus of Elinhir's speculation that their gray-blue skin camouflages their silhouetted forms against the sky has been convincingly debunked by Lady Cinnabar of Taneth, so we are no closer to solving that riddle: one cannot simply walk up to an ogre and ask.


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