"I am a savant. I am a man of wide learning and cosmopolitan tastes, a well-traveled man, educated, refined in manner, able to converse on various topics with authority, and a man ever ready to defend his honor, and the honor of my companions. In short, you see before you a gentleman. I can discourse upon history, speechcraft, language, and customs. And, for a fee, I offer training that will permit you to share a few of my many virtues."

Okan-Shei is an Argonian Savant who lives in Ebonheart, Morrowind. He can be found in the East Empire Company offices.


Pledge from Canctunian PoniusEdit

The Nerevarine can talk to Okan-Shei in order to get information about the missing clerk, Mossanon.


Pledge from Canctunian PoniusEdit

"He doesn't work here anymore, and I don't think the Company wants us to discuss him with outsiders."

(If his disposition towards the Nerevarine is at least 50)
"You know, I think he had a Telvanni girlfriend. He kept her a secret. I don't know why. But I saw them together once in the Foreign Quarter at Vivec. She was quite attractive."


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