"I wasn't going to ask you for coin. I'm no begger. I prefer to sleep out here, where it's warm."

Okeeh is an Argonian who resides in Davon's Watch.


Chasing ShadowsEdit

The Prophet and the Vestige are seeking a way to rescue Sai Sahan, the Redguard who hid away the Amulet of Kings. The Prophet has called them to the Harborage.


Chasing Shadows

Have you noticed anything strange in town? "Come to think of it, there was some out-of-towner mucking about in the abandoned stable last night. I didn't pry. None of my business. Also, he was armed. I'm no fool."

[Intimidate] No, you're a coward who let a dangerous criminal go free. I must report this to the Town Watch. "[?]"
Can you tell me anything else? "Nothing else to tell, I'm afraid. It all happened rather quickly."


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