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Old Blue Fin is a House Redoran quest potentially undertaken by the Nerevarine during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


"Without Old Blue Fin stirring things up, Ald Velothi will be quiet again"
Theldyn Virith[src]



Having joined the Great House of Redoran, the Nerevarine is required to complete several tasks to progress through the ranks of the House. One quest giver, Theldyn Virith, will give the Nerevarine the task of killing an abnormal slaughterfish near the docks in Ald Velothi.

Old Blue FinEdit

The giant beast's name is revealed as Old Blue Fin, a slaughterfish that has earned a near legendary reputation around Ald Velothi as a dangerous pest for the town's dreugh hunters. The great fish can be found swimming around the docks and will give the Nerevarine more than a fair fight. Once the Nerevarine has killed Old Blue Fin they may return to Theldyn Virith in the Ald Velothi Outpost to end the quest.


Old Blue Fin
IDJournal Entry
1Theldyn Virith told me that Old Blue Fin is an unusually strong Slaughterfish well known around this area. Theldyn asked me to find Old Blue Fin and kill him.
  • Quest accepted
 50 I killed Old Blue Fin for Theldyn Virith.
  • Quest complete


  • Old Blue Fin has twice the amount of health of a normal slaughterfish and can hit four times harder.

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