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The Manor District of Old Mournhold is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. It is reached by traveling through Bazaar Sewers beneath Mournhold's Great Bazaar district. It is home to members of The Dark Brotherhood.


Moril Manor CourtyardEdit

This area is reached by going through Moril Manor North Building. It's dominant feature is a large chamber with a high waterfall and a cave-in. An Adamantium Helm, Adamantium Right Bracer, Adamantium Left Bracer, and Adamantium Boots are found here.

Moril Manor East BuildingEdit

This building is the smallest of the sublocations, housing only a handful of assassins and rats with minor loot scattered amongst the various containers.

Moril Manor North BuildingEdit

Home to several Dark Brotherhood Assassins along with Dandras Vules. The best loot here is found on Dandras' body, especially his enchanted adamantium sword. This is the only area that allows entrance to Moril Manor Courtyard.


Hunt the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

After the Nerevarine was attacked by a member of the Dark Brotherhood while staying on Vvardenfell, they are trying to find and erase the group. Talking to the citizens of Mournhold they are directed towards the Bazaar Sewers, from where the Manor District can be reached.



  • Dark Brotherhood Assassins – These are level dependent. At level 1 they are all Dark Brotherhood Apprentices with only 40 health.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Sithis (Skill Book) — Located behind some barrels at the end of the first pathway leading uphill and south.



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