Old Trinket is a character found in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. He is a strange old man that the Hero of Azra's Crossing met for the first time outside of the Azra's Crossing village. The Hero's path crossed with him again in East Dragonstar. At that time, he was imprisoned in the Dragonstar Jail. Tanyin Aldwyr asks the Hero to release him.

Later on, the Hero met him again outside the Crypt of Hearts. It turns out he was actually an old Champion, and wanted to repay the Hero for his many debts, he taught the Hero several combat tricks.


  • "A bunch a them rats are milling, around across the bridge. I'd help..." —Upon first interaction
  • "But me lumbago makes it hard to. swing a sword like I used to." —When continuing dialogue
  • "Yessir, back in my days at Dragonstar I coulda taken twenty of those rodents..." —When continuing dialogue
  • "A while ago I saw rats dragging a chest to Delfran's." —When speaking to him after accepting Almathea's quest)


  • When Old Trinket talks about his lumbago making it hard to swing a sword, there's an unnecessary period between "hard to" and "swing."


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