Old Wounds is a side quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.


A prominent High Elf named Halimorion was murdered by a folkloric assasin called the Ghost of the Green. But there may be more to this case than meets the eye.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Tarnamir
  2. Talk to Lorne
  3. Search the fields
    1. Optional steps:
    2. A few bystanders are lingering nearby. Perhaps I should speak to them. They might be able to provide me with useful information if they witnessed the crime.
    3. Question bystanders
  4. Use the whistle
  5. Search the vineyard for clues
  6. Search the suspicious sack
  7. Talk to Lorne
  8. Search Halimorion's Villa
  9. Talk to Lorne
  10. Investigate the Wood Elf cottage
    1. Optional steps:
    2. I could talk to Soravil to get some insight on what exactly we hope to find.
  11. Talk to Elsoreth
  12. Search Celan's room
  13. Examine Celan's Journal
  14. Talk to Soravil
  15. Search the Red Temple
  16. Search for Celan
  17. Talk to Celan
  18. Take the arrow that killed Celan
  19. Talk to Soravil
  20. Talk to Lorne
  21. Go to Tarnamir's Manor
  22. Search the area
  23. Talk to Lorne
  24. Observe Lorne's spell
  25. Talk to Lorne
  26. Enter the Red Temple
  27. Pursue Soravil
  28. Kill Soravil
  29. Talk to Lorne
  30. Talk to Elsoreth


Linwenvar can be found sitting on a rock to the west of Shimmerene, near the river. Speaking to him results in the following conversation:

"Headed to the famed Russafeld winery, traveler? Well then, it seems I'm not the only one who'll be disappointed today. Old Halimorion's been offed by those Wood Elves. Won't be any wine tastings for a while I'd wager."

You mean there's been a murder? "Just what I heard from one of the bailiffs. Apparently some daffy Bosmer called the Ghost of the Green did it, but no one knows for sure. The investigation's hit a snag. Something about the Rule of Three. Superstitious nonsense if you ask me."
The Rule of Three? "Indeed. Until they find a suitable third investigator, the jurisreeves and revelators are left to sit on their hands. Nonsense. Why not go lend them a hand? They'll likely just tell you to go jump into the sea, but it can't hurt to ask."
All right [sic] [Do not change this to Alright. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.]. I'll head to Russafeld and speak to these investigators.

"Who knows? Maybe they'll actually bring you on. That land-owner's an odd one. Of course, hunting down wild-eyed murderers isn't exactly my idea of fun. All risk, no alcohol."

When approaching the fountain in the winery the following conversation can be heard:

Tarnamir: "An examiner's quorum needs three members. You both know this."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "Not this again ...."
Jurisreeve Lorne: "It's not just superstition, Soravil. We need outside perspective."
Jurisreeve Soravil: "So, what? We just randomly recruit the next adventurer that passes by?"


Quest itemsEdit

  • Bloodstained sickle
  • Letter to Tarnamir
  • Celan's Journal
  • Hunting arrow


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