"You're going to try and sell me something? Well, I ain't interested."


Olda is a Nord lumberjack residing in Dragon Bridge. She is the wife of Horgeir.


When asked about her opinion on the presence of the guards in Dragon Bridge, Olda replies that it's only a matter of time until their mill is seized by them. She often complains about her husband and their debt caused by his drinking problem.


Dragon's Breath MeadEdit

If the Dragonborn speaks to Olda, she will say that her husband is a drunk and has a spot nearby where he hides his beverages. She will then request that they retrieve some Dragon's Breath Mead and bring it to her.


  • "Have you met my husband? Well, don't bother. He's a drunk."
  • "Where is that lazy man?"
  • "Did my worthless husband send you?"
  • "Got nothing to say to strange folk."


  • She will send hired thugs if the Dragonborn kills her husband, despite her intense dislike of him.
  • Faida, the innkeeper at the Four Shields Tavern, says to the Dragonborn that Olda is having an affair with someone; the only person in the town who doesn't know is her husband, Horgeir.
  • Olda is a rare type of NPC in that her appearance is randomly generated. This means she can be spawned as young or old.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   Olda can sometimes be seen wearing only her undergarments and a hat, despite possessing clothes in her inventory. Dialogue is unaffected.
  • She will sometimes have the quotes of Kleppr's wife, Frabbi, saying, "Have you met my husband, Kleppr?."


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