"Greetings, traveler. What do you seek?"

Oleta quote

Oleta is a survivor of Mehrunes Dagon's surprise attack at Kvatch and a Master Restoration trainer. Along with all the other refugees, she can be found at the refugee camp.

To receive training from her, the Hero needs to finish the quests Breaking the Siege of Kvatch and The Battle for Castle Kvatch, and inquire about training from a previous Restoration trainer. This adds the quest "Restoration Training," which simply directs to Oleta.

She can be found at the Chapel of Akatosh inside the city, but she moves to the refugee camp south of the city after the Chapel is secure. However, if Knights of the Nine has been completed, other replacement Restoration trainers appear, none of which refer to Oleta for Master-level training in that skill.


"Greetings, traveler. What do you seek?"

Kvatch "A gate opened and Daedra poured out. Everybody ran. Or they died. I don't know how the fire started, but it burned Kvatch to the ground."
Martin "Brother Martin? Yes, he's right over there. He led a group of us here during the confusion of the attack. We owe him our lives."


  • She may still follow Tierra after escorting all of the other civilians to the encampment.


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