"Go find your own patch of beach!"

Olnewil is an Altmer found east of the southern docks of Shimmerene, Summerset during the quest "The Queen's Decree." After completing her quest-related dialogue, she cannot be interacted with.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

Razum-dar asks the Vestige to ask three citizens of Shimmerene their opinions on Queen Ayrenn's decree to allow other races onto the island of Summerset.


The Queen's DecreeEdit

"Not that you'd understand the concept, but the Path to Alaxon requires dedication and complete concentration. I must find the perfect shells or my pigments will be substandard. And do you know what that will do to my art? Exactly!"

What's the Path to Alaxon? "An Altmer concept practiced widely here in Summerset. Alaxon is the state of perfection that every High Elf strives for. The Path to Alaxon represents the approach we take to achieve that state. Now, why have you interrupted my work?"
I heard you made complaints in Shimmerene. I'd like to hear about that. "I believe in caution as much as the next High Elf, but sometimes the rules get in the way of common sense. My apprentice lived here for more than a year. Good help is so hard to find, especially among the newcomers, and she was adept at making dyes."
What happened to your apprentice. "They took her away! Said they had to scrutinize her qualifications, test her knowledge of culture and etiquette. But I haven't seen her since! My work suffers, so of course I complained to the monks. Now I have to gather my own shells!"
Did the monks offer any explanation as to where she was or when she'd be returned? "They told me I could fill out some forms and appeal to the Kinlady, but who has time for such bureaucracy? And for a Wood Elf? I've said too much. I have work to do and all this aggravation has diverted my Path to Alaxon."
I'll let you get back to your work. "Perfection requires constant vigilance, so back to it!"


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