"I work in the forge and the mines. Mother says it pleases her and our people."


Olur is an Orsimer warrior residing in the Orc stronghold of Mor Khazgur in Haafingar. He is the son of Shuftharz, one of the chief's wives and Forge-wife. He was taught smithing by his mother and now he tends the mine and the forge, spending most of his time near the smelter.


Chief LarakEdit

Larak: "The way you and your mother forge weapons is impressive."
Olur: "It's simple Orc smithing practice, my chief. Nothing that hasn't been passed down for years."
Larak: "I served in the Legion. Perhaps I'll show you some of their technique one of these days."


  • "Even good hammers warp metal if struck without care."
  • "Mother tells me to shape metal with focus and strength."


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