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Not to be confused with Ogumalg.
"Can't talk. Mulush will beat me if I stop working."

Omluag is a Breton who lives in Markarth. He can be found working on or around the smelter, or in the Warrens at night.


A Few Words with You[]

Mulush gro-Shugurz, the Orc in charge of the smelter, gives Omluag and his fellow smelter workers a hard time. The Dragonborn can get a quest from Omluag to get Mulush off the workers' backs. In return, he gives the Dragonborn a reward of leveled amount of Gold, which he states is a week's worth of wages.

Marrying Omluag[]

The Dragonborn can marry Omluag after helping him if they have an Amulet of Mara.

Killing Omluag[]

If the Dragonborn kills Omluag, they will receive a letter by courier from Azzada Lylvieve thanking him/her and asking to go to him for a reward of 100 Gold. It is also possible to get a letter from Mulush thanking the Dragonborn and saying that Omluag will not be missed. Also included is a letter of inheritance from the Jarl of Markarth. If Azzada is killed instead, a courier delivers a letter from Omluag thanking the Dragonborn with instructions to see him for a reward.

Omluag may die protecting the Dragonborn from the Hold Guards if the Dragonborn commits a crime or if Markarth is under attack by vampires.


"I spill just a bit of metal, and Mulush takes it out of my hide."

You're having trouble with Mulush? "He's a damn tyrant. Always being goaded on by the Silver-Bloods to get more work out of us. They pay us next to nothing. We get beaten if we make a mistake, and where are our kind Nord rulers? What are they doing? Typical."
What if I talk to Mulush? "You're going to try to talk sense into that Orc? I'll believe it when I see it."
Sorry to hear that. "Sorries don't help anyone."

(After convincing Mulush to go easier on Omluag the following option becomes available.)

I convinced Mulush to ease up a bit. "I don't believe it. Someone sticking up for us. Here. It's a week's wages for me, but you've earned every coin."
Did you know Weylin? (Only during the quest "The Forsworn Conspiracy.") "The Forsworn? That's right. I'll say it. We all knew. Even that fat-headed, slave-driving Mulush knew. Just ask him about it. Bah. Another honest man lost in all this madness. And for what?"
Tell me about the Forsworn. "We've lost a lot of good people to that damn crusade. Drive out the Nords, they say. Well, the Nords ain't driven out."
Who else works here? "Me and Hathrasil mostly. Mulush barks at us all day, but I wouldn't call that honest work. A few people in the Warrens used to work here. Degaine broke some bones a while back. Eltrys quit. Cairine is too sick."



Omluag: "Another foul day at the smelter."
Hathrasil: "Mmmhmm."
Omluag: ""Mmmhmm"? I've been working with you for over 10 years, and all you have to say is "mmmhmm"?"
Hathrasil: "Mmmhmm."
Omluag: "Sometimes I think we deserve these miserable lives of ours."

Hathrasil: "Surprised to see you working. Mulush almost broke your arm yesterday."
Omluag: "Does it look like I can afford losing a day's wage? That damn Orc isn't getting the best of me."

Omluag: "Divines, I'm tired. This is too much work."
Hathrasil: "Just keep at it, or Mulush will beat you."

Hathrasil: "Careful of the molten metal. That gets on you, kiss your fingers goodbye."
Omluag: "I know what I'm doing. Stop telling me."

Omluag: "First war, and now dragons. Everywhere they go, the Nords bring nothing but ruin."
Hathrasil: "Ain't nothing for it. They're still in charge."

Mulush gro-Shugurz[]

Omluag: "Mulush, we need a break. The heat from the smelter is too much."
Mulush: "Are you complaining? Work. If you have strength to whine, you have strength to smelt."

Mulush: "Careful. You spill one drop of silver, I'm taking it out of your hide."
Omluag: "I'm being as careful as I can."
Mulush: "Did you just talk back to me? I'm not paid to listen. I'm paid to keep you working. Now work."


  • "Can't you see I'm working? Beat it."