On to Glenumbra is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. After the actions made in the previous quest, Chief Tazgol has been convinced to join the Daggerfall Covenant. He ordered Captain Kaleen to sail to Daggerfall.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Captain Kaleen
  2. Talk to Sir Lanis Shaldon
  3. Complete the quest


After the actions made at Carzog's Demise the Chief has realized that the only thing saving the island was the crew of Kaleen and the Vestige. Months ago he got an offer from Sir Landis Shaldon to join the Daggerfall Covenant but he refused. He asks them to travel to Glenumbra and give Sir Lanis his petition to join. He has ordered Captain Kaleen to sail there.

Head over to the ship and talk to Kaleen. Depending on what happened previously, she is either glad or very crossed, but either way she will sail the Vestige at once if ready.

Arriving in Daggerfall, locate Sir Lanis and tell him about the petition and the Chief's wish to join the Covenant. They are rewarded with a small sum of GoldIcon.


  • 36–151 GoldIcon
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