"Optio Bologra is the Camp Prefect of the Deathshead Legion garrison at Fort Darius. He's a tough and violent orc, not clever or polished, but nonetheless an effective and respected officer."
Ertius Fulbenus[src]

Optio Bologra is an Orsimer found in Gnisis Drillmaster in the West Gash. He is a member of the Imperial Legion, where he trains other soldiers and the Nerevarine for payment. He resides in the Gnisis Barracks in the training room on the lower floor.


Optio Bologra serves as skill trainer for the following skills:


my trade "I am a drillmaster. I train and condition the local militia. I tech the citizens the basics of block, spear, and long blade, but mostly I concentrate on athletics and acrobatics, because conditioning is the biggest weakness of the citizen-soldier. No point teaching them to fight if they pass out after a short jog in full kit."
Orc "They call us barbarians because we are brave in war and we laugh at hardship. But we have earned out citizenship by service in the legions, and we are as civilized as any race. We make the finest weapons and armor in the world, and our warriors are the bravest and toughest in Tamriel."


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