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"Orcs are a larger version of goblins. Indeed, scholars have often speculated that these two creatures are somehow related. Nevertheless, they are stronger than their cousins, and very dangerous, often equipping themselves with weapons found on their opponents. They are not overly intelligent, but are cunning enough to stalk their prey and set up ambushes."
―Official Arena Player's Guide.[UL 2]

Orcs are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls: Arena.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Orcs as seen on Official Arena Player's Guide.

Strength 60
Intelligence 30
Willpower 30
Agility 65
Speed 50
Endurance 50
Personality 30
Luck 50

Orcs are green humanoid hostile creatures encountered in dungeons and in the wilderness. Orcs are not very intelligent, however these creatures can use weapons like maces and wear advanced armor.

While being well armored humanoids, Orcs are not strong as they may seem, these creatures are between Snow Wolfs and Skeletons in terms of strength. As the Eternal Champion gains experience, Orcs become a minor enemy.

Orcs are mainly encountered in dungeons, however they can also appear in the wilderness or inside cities while sleeping or waiting.

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