The Order of the Lamp, the Knights of the Lamp, or the Lamp Knights is a knightly order originating in the early Second Era by Vanus Galerion, after the foundation of the Mages Guild. The Order are the sworn protectors of the Mages Guild and have fought alongside the Guild on several occassions throughout the era. The leader of the order is called the Palatinus.[1]

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Second EraEdit

The Order of the Lamp was founded by Vanus Galerion after he had created the Mages Guild from Firsthold. Originally, the order was created when Galerion realized that money does not bring loyalty for the Guild, so the Order of the Lamp was created to instate this. The Palatinus of the Order is one of the six types of leaders that govern over the Mages Guild. Years later, Mannimarco, the King of Worms began to spread his teachings of Necromancy to the populace of Tamriel, much to the dismay of Vanus Galerion. Vanus Galerion confronted Mannimarco, and a great battle ensued between Galerion's Mages and Mannimarco's undead army. The Order of the Lamp partook in the conflict against Mannimarco. In the end, Galerion had defeated Mannimarco, but unfortunately, Mannimarco had already transcended into a Lich and escaped.[1][2]

Third EraEdit

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During the Warp in the West in 3E 405, the Order of the Lamp had operated out of the Barony of Phrygias, located in the northernmost point of the Iliac Bay. The Archmagisters of the Mages Guild had utilized them to apprehend Mages who have committed acts of crime in the Magician community. In 3E 433, there were large debates on whether Necromancy is an issue or not and one person of the Guild who supported the act was Ulliceta gra-Kogg of Orsinium. It was later revealed that she was a Necromancer herself and the Order of the Lamp apprehended her by order of Hannibal Traven. Traven was someone who can be considered the bane of Necromancy, actively hunting down the Necromantic Cells throughout Tamriel, from the Iliac Bay to the desolate island of Olenveld in the Sea of Ghosts.[3][4]



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