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Order of the Virtuous Blood is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


To start the quest, go to the Temple District of the Imperial City, with a fame rating of more than five; Ralsa Norvalo will confront the Hero and ask them to come and see her husband. Go to Seridur's house. After completion of the quest, the Hero will become a faction member.


Imperial CityEdit

Seridur tells the Hero about his group of vampire hunters called the Order of the Virtuous Blood. Basically, they kill vampires to cleanse Cyrodiil. Their first target is Roland Jenseric, whom Seridur claims to have witnessed bite and kill his own girlfriend, Relfina. He explains that Roland has escaped to an unknown location, but that the Hero could search his house to find out more.

Go to Roland's house and pick the locked door. When inside, look for a letter sitting on a table on the left and read it. It refers to a cabin in the forest, which is in fact Roland Jenseric's Cabin.

Roland's CabinEdit

Order of the Virtuous Blood (Quest) Roland

Inside Roland's Cabin

Head to the cabin, which is in eastern Cyrodiil, slightly less than halfway to Cheydinhal from the Imperial City. Enter and confront Roland. One can either kill him outright for 250 GoldIcon, or listen to his story.

If given the chance, he will explain that Seridur is in fact the vampire. He saw his lover attacked by Seridur while she was out on a walk. Roland further refers them to Phintias at First Edition in the Imperial City Market District if they want further proof of Seridur's outings. Talking to Phintias reveals that Seridur had mentioned a cave, Memorial Cave, located southeast of the Imperial City.

Memorial CaveEdit

Order of the Virtuous Blood (Quest) Inside Memorial Cave

Inside Memorial Cave

Go to Memorial Cave to begin the search for Seridur. Inside, there are several vampires and their undead minions blocking the way (it is recommended to collect all Vampire Dust when killing these vampires, as it can later be sold to Roland for 250 GoldIcon per unit).

Seridur can be found deeper in the cave. Kill him and take his dust, and return to Roland in his cabin with the news. He will be very happy to hear that Seridur is dead and will tell the player to meet him back in the basement of Seridur's house.

Seridur's basementEdit

Order of the Virtuous Blood (Quest) Seridur's Basement

Seridur's basement

Meet him back in Seridur's basement, where he will reward the player with the Ring of Sunfire, which resists disease and reflects spells. Furthermore, Roland promises to give 250GoldIcon per unit of Vampire Dust the player gives him (although he'll only accept it if it's from a vampire they killed) from that point on.

The Hero is now a "Brother" or "Sister" member of the faction.


Journal Entry
  • Update: After being approached by Ralsa, but refuse to help her husband:

A Dunmer named Ralsa Norvalo has approached me in the Imperial City Temple District and asked me to meet her husband Gilen. I refused for now, and she told me if I change my mind, to come to her house where she'll fill me in on all of the details.

  • Update: After being approached by Ralsa, but accept:

A Dunmer named Ralsa Norvalo has approached me, and said that her husband needs assistance in a matter of what she calls "the utmost importance to the safety of the citizens of the Imperial City." She told me to meet Gilen at the house of someone named Seridur. Apparently, all will be explained when I get there.

  • Update: After speaking to Seridur for the first time:

Seridur has revealed to me that he's a member of a group of individuals dedicated to the destruction of vampires called The Order of the Virtuous Blood. Their goal is to keep the Imperial City safe from these creatures of the night. I should continue speaking to him and find out how I can assist them.

  • Update: Once Seridur has asked the Hero to kill Roland:

I've been told that Roland Jenseric here in the Temple District of the Imperial City is a vampire. The Order would like me to kill him.

  • Update: Seridur's hint to find Roland:

To locate Roland Jenseric, Seridur suggested I search his home, which is also here in the Temple District.

  • Update: After arriving at Rolands house in the Imperial City:

I've arrived at Roland Jenseric's house. I should begin to search the place for any clues as to his whereabouts.

  • Update: Having found the letter addressed to Roland from his girlfriend:

After searching Roland's home, I've found a letter written to Roland from his girlfriend. It mentions a cabin where the two would meet. It's located east of the Imperial City in the Great Forest. I think this may be where Roland could be hiding. I should head out there immediately before he has a chance to escape.

  • Update: Upon reaching Roland's cabin:

I've arrived at Roland's cabin. I should proceed inside to see if he's here. I should be cautious, as Seridur warned me that vampires could be very dangerous.

  • Update: After speaking to Roland for the first time:

Roland Jenseric insists that he's not a vampire. In fact, he's accusing Seridur of being one instead! I should listen to what he has to say about Seridur and see if I can determine who's telling the truth.

  • Update: Once Roland has explained the situation further:

Roland tells me that he thought his lover was having an affair, so he followed her one night on a walk. He came across Seridur draining the blood from her neck. Roland says he attacked Seridur, and in the chaos, Roland's lover was killed. Seridur got away. Knowing Selidur was a respected member of the Imperial City, he panicked and ran to the cabin here to collect his thoughts and decide what to do next. I need to decide what to do about this.

Kill Roland:

  • Update: If the Hero chooses to kill Roland:

I've slain Roland Jenseric. I should return to the Order and tell Seridur that my task is completed.

Kill Roland:

  • Update: After reporting back to Seridur to finish the quest:

Seridur was pleased with me, and rewarded me with 250 gold. He said that I've done a great service for the Imperial City and I should be proud.

  • Quest complete

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: If the Hero chooses not to kill Roland:

I've stayed my hand, and will let Roland live for now.

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: Upon speaking to Roland further:

I've decided to give Roland a chance, and will investigate his story. Roland told me that Seridur makes the occasional trip to the First Edition bookshop in the Market District of the Imperial City. He told me I should speak to the owner, Phintias.

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: After visiting the First Edition:

I've discovered that Seridur makes the occasional visit to a place called Memorial Cave. It's a burial site for many heroes that died in past wars. Seridur supposedly has a relative interred there. Perhaps I should go investigate.

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: Having entered Memorial Cave:

I've entered Memorial Cave. It's now being used as a vampire den. I need to see if I can find Seridur in here and put a stop to his charade.

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: Upon the death of Seridur:

I've slain Seridur. I should return immediately to Roland's cabin and give him the news.

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: After talking to Roland at his cabin again:

I've returned to Roland's cabin and told him what had transpired. He thanked me for clearing his name, and vowed to take Seridur's place to continue the Order of the Virtuous Blood. He said I should meet him there for a reward.

Kill Seridur:

  • Update: Back at Seridur's House:

I've returned to Seridur's home, which the Order still uses to meet. Roland was there, and he told me I was now an honorary member of their group. He also bestowed an enchanted ring on me to help me in my future encounters with vampires.

  • Quest complete
  • Update: If one of the characters in the quest dies

One of the characters needed to complete this quest has died.

  • Quest complete


  • If one duplicates Vampire Dust, he will accept and buy it.
  • He will accept Vampire Dust collected before the undertaking of this quest.


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  •  PC   If the Hero gets the quest from Ralsa Norvalo whilst inside her house, it is possible to get locked in.
    •  PC(Fix)   Press "~" to open the console, select the locked door, and type unlock. Then press "~" again to close the console.

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