Ordinator of the Almsivi is a creature card in The Elder Scrolls: Legends that is part of the Tamriel Collection set.


  • Ordinator of the Almsivi can be soul summoned with 400 soul gems.


Ordinator of the Almsivi has Guard, preventing enemy creatures in its lane from attacking other creatures or the summoner themself. Ordinator of the Almsivi can also be summoned for 5 magicka instead of 2 to give it +2 additional power and health and preventing it from being shackled.

As Ordinator of the Almsivi is shackled unless there is an exalted creature in play, they will be unable to attack. Regardless of whether they are shackled or not, they will still have guard and will prevent attacks from creatures as well as deal return damage to creatures attacking it. The shackle will not be applied if the Ordinator of the Almsivi itself is exalted or even if there is an exalted enemy creature in play.


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