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"We got rooms and food. Drink, too. I cook. Ain't much else to tell."

Orgnar is a Nord cook and bartender of the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.


Orgnar runs the Sleeping Giant Inn with Delphine, before she dons her identity as leader of the Blades again. Afterwards, when Delphine departs to Sky Haven Temple, she hands over the inn to him, and he becomes the new owner.


Hired Muscle[]

Orgnar may be a target for this Companions quest, where the player must brawl with him in a duel.

Hired Thugs[]

Orgnar can send Hired Thugs after the Dragonborn if the inn is stolen from.


Where can I learn more about magic? "Looking to blow yourself up? I hear that's what magic does to you. There's a College in Winterhold that teaches magic, unless that blew up too. Be a lot safer just to have the Jarl's wizard teach you a thing or two."

After completing "A Blade in the Dark"

Do you know about Delphine's... activities? "That's her business. Not mine. Probably not yours either."



Delphine: "Orgnar. [long pause] Orgnar! Are you listening?"
Orgnar: "Hard not to."
Delphine: "The ale's going bad. [pause] Did you hear me?"
Orgnar: "Yep. Ale's going bad."
Delphine: "I guess you don't have potatoes stuck in your ears after all. Just make sure we get a new batch soon."

Delphine: "Orgnar, this is it. The Inn is yours. I'm probably never coming back here."
Orgnar: "Well, now. That's something to think about."
Delphine: "Take care of yourself, Orgnar. Goodbye."
Orgnar: "Yeah...sure. You too, Delphine. You be safe."

Dialogue Speaker
"The corn stores are getting low again, Orgnar." Delphine
"You promised me you'd sweep the entranceway."
"I still need you to make a batch of those fried potatoes. We can serve them with the ale."
"You are going to brew a new batch of ale, right? Like we talked about? What we have's been sitting in that barrel for over a month."
"Yep." Orgnar
"And... you'll take care of it?" Delphine
"Wait, let me guess. You'll get to it later."
"Don't I always?" Orgnar
"I don't suppose I could convince you to take care of it now, could I?" Delphine
"No" Orgnar
"Well. There's something to be said for honesty, I suppose." Delphine
"I should have guessed."


Embry: "Gimme a mug of ale."
Orgnar: "Coming right up."



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  • Even after Delphine departs for Sky Haven Temple with Esbern, Orgnar still keeps saying "Need a room, talk to Delphine."