"I am Oriandra and I wear the cloak of the Psijic Order. I came to Summerset at the behest of our Ritemaster when I sensed a dark and powerful mind magic emanating from this area. When I noticed your predicament, I knew I had to intercede."

Oriandra is an Imperial member of the Psijic Order who initially leads the Vestige through the tutorial quest "The Mind Trap." After escaping it, she can be found in Prisoner's Hold outside of Shimmerene.


The Mind TrapEdit

While entering Summerset for the first time, the Vestige will be transported to the mind trap, a mysterious landscape under the control of the entity known as K'Tora. Oriandra will lead the Vestige out of the mind trap to freedom.

A Pearl of Great PriceEdit


Whispers from the DeepEdit



The Mind Trap

If Oriandra is spoken to while in Prisoner's Hold, the following conversation will occur:

"It gladdens my heart to see you awake and free, my friend. You're the first to respond to my help and escape from that entity's grasp."

Thanks for helping me, but who are you exactly? "I am Oriandra and I wear the cloak of the Psijic Order. I came to Summerset at the behest of our Ritemaster when I sensed a dark and powerful mind magic emanating from this area. When I noticed your predicament, I knew I had to intercede."
If I can ever repay you for your help, let me know. "Take a moment to rest, but once you've shaken off any residual effects of the spell I might require your assistance. And take this. I assume it belongs to you. It was near your unconscious body when I found you."
What's the Psijic Order? "The Psijic Order is an ancient society of mages, more akin to a monastic order than to the upstart Mages Guild, for example. We once served as advisors to the rulers of Tamriel, before we departed the world to pursue other interests."
What does that mean, you departed the world? "It means just that. We took our island of Artaeum and sent it someplace else to better promote meditative study and contemplation. We maintain an interest in Tamriel, though, hence my appearance here during your time of need."
Tell me more about the mind trap. "I haven't isolated the source of the mind magic, except that the malevolent entity calls itself K'Tora. It imprisoned you in the mind trap in order to control you, but to what purpose I'm not sure."
Who or what is K'Tora? "I have no idea. Whoever or whatever K'Tora is, it wields powerful mind magic. Much more powerful than anything I've ever encountered before. The mind trap is an insidious spell that has ensorcelled a number of victims. I'm still watching over them."
Other victims? "You weren't the only newcomer to wander into this mind trap. Even a number of High Elves have succumbed to the dark entity's power. With my help, though, you were the first to break free. That gives me hope that I can eventually save the others."
If it was all in my mind, how come I still have the items I found there? "You noticed that, did you? Very observant! The mind trap created replicas of items you already possessed. You needed them, so they became real inside the illusion. And of course you'd still have them in the waking world. They are real, after all."

If the dialogue box is exited before pressing the "Complete Quest" button and Oriandra is spoken to again, the following conversation will occur, allowing the quest to be finished:

"With my help, you were able to extract yourself from K'Tora's mind trap. I just hope that the techniques I used to assist you will work on the others."

Thanks for helping me. If there's a way I can repay you, let me know. "I must return to the Eldbur Ruins to the north and aid the others caught in K'Tora's mind trap. If you find yourself in the area, you might be able to assist me. Stay safe and remember you have a friend in the Psijic Order!"
Before you go, tell me more about the Psijic Order.
Could you tell me more about the mind trap before you go?

If either of the final two dialogue options are chosen, Oriandra will simply say the lines that she would have said initially, had the Vestige chosen to ask her about the Psijic Order prior to completing the quest.


After beginning the quest, Oriandra will appear in front of the Vestige in a spectral form. She will have the following dialogue as the Vestige progresses through the quest:

Quote Condition
"Can you hear me? My name is Oriandra. I'll help you get out of this place. You aren't frozen. You just think you are. You can move. You just need to remember how." Initial dialogue
"Now remember your strength. Your power. Take a weapon. Feel the weight in your hand." After approaching the Forgotten Adventurer's Sword
"Now go. Beyond the door. You need to see for yourself before I tell you more." After equipping the Forgotten Adventurer's Greatsword
"You've been imprisoned in this mind trap by an entity called K'Tora. Its magic is powerful, but you're stronger than you know. It may appear beautiful, but it's an illusion. A trap designed to control you. K'Tora won't tolerate your resistance much longer." After following Oriandra down the path
"Defend yourself! In the mind trap, memories can kill you!" First warrior appears
"Another one! Defend yourself and strike back!" Second warrior appears
"A magic-user! Interrupt the spell and retaliate!" Third warrior appears
"Well done! With every memory that returns, your resistance grows stronger. Now follow me! I can't go any farther in this form. If K'Tora notices me, we'll both be lost. You need to reach the tower to escape the mind trap. I can't go with you, but I'll send messages to guide you. Just believe in yourself and you can do this. You simply need to jump." After defeating the warriors
"The pearl. It's the key to escaping this mind trap." After entering the image of the Ceporah Tower
"Well done! Now destroy the pearl and wake up." After defeating the Yaghra Nightmare
"Easy now. You did well." After appearing in Prisoner's Hold


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