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"Orintur doesn't like to brag, but no one can match the Reflect spells he can cast. He might teach you one, if you're skilled enough."

Orintur is an Altmer spell merchant in the Cheydinhal Mages Guild, where he holds the office of Magician. He has a variety of Alteration spells for sale and can usually be found in his room upstairs.

Orintur is married to fellow Mages Guild member, Eilonwy, both of whom boast their happy relationship. When speaking to Eilonwy, she will remark on how Orintur is a skilled mage and had an unmatched reflect spell. While Orintur and Eilonwy own Willow Bank, Orintur is rarely there, spending most of his time in the guild.


Orintur sells a variety of alteration spells ranging from Journeyman or Master level. Besides the spell merchants in the Arcane University, Orintur is the only one to sell master level shield spells.

If not a member of the Mages Guild, Orintur will bring up that joining allows access to spells that can not be found anywhere else. After joining the guild, Orintur will point out Falcar as the one to speak to for the Cheydinhal Recommendation. After speaking to Falcar, Orintur will comment on how he feels that "Falcar gives out the strangest assignments. It's as if he doesn't really care about them."



"I hope I can help."

Cheydinhal "I'm very fond of Cheydinhal. It's where I met my love, Eilonwy. Our lives are quite long, and choosing the right partner is very important."
Cheydinhal Recommendation

"I hope I can help."

Mages Guild "Trayvond has the best shield spell outside of the Arcane University. If you can cast it, it's definitely worth adding to your collection."
Recommendation "You'll need to see Falcar about that."

After speaking to Falcar:

"A pleasure to speak to you."

Recommendation "Falcar gives out the strangest assignments sometimes. It's as if he doesn't really care about them."

After obtaining the Ring of Burden:

"Well met."

Recommendation "I think perhaps you should speak to Deetsan."

Spells for sale[]

Spell Skill level required Effects Base magicka cost
AlterationShield.pngAegis Master (100) Shield 50% for 60 secs on self 403 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationBurden.pngEncumbering Touch Journeyman (50) Burden 50 pts for 25 secs on touch 78 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShieldFire.pngFire Shield Expert (75) Fire Shield 30% for 30 secs on self 221 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShieldFire.pngFlame Shield Master (100) Fire Shield 30% for 60 secs on self 443 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShieldFrost.pngGlacial Wall Expert (75) Frost Shield 30% for 30 secs on self 221 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShield.pngGuard Journeyman (50) Shield 30% for 30 secs on self 104 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShieldFrost.pngIce Shield Journeyman (50) Frost Shield 20% for 30 secs on self 131MagickaIcon.png
AlterationFeather.pngLighten Load Journeyman (50) Feather 75 pts for 300 secs on self 75 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShieldShock.pngLightning Shield Journeyman (50) Shock Shield 20% for 30 secs on self 131 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShieldShock.pngLightning Wall Expert (75) Shock Shield 30% for 30 secs on self 221 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationOpen.pngOpen Average Lock Journeyman (50) Open Average Lock on target 72 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationOpen.pngOpen Hard Lock Expert (75) Open Hard Lock on target 176 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationBurden.pngOppressing Grasp Expert (75) Burden 75 pts for 30 secs on self 158 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationFeather.pngPack Mule Expert (75) Feather 150 pts for 300 secs on self 183 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationShield.pngShield Expert (75) Shield 40% for 30 secs on self 151 MagickaIcon.png
AlterationBurden.pngWeight of the World Expert (75) Burden 60 pts for 30 secs on target 178 MagickaIcon.png
  • "Base Magicka Cost" refers to how much magicka it costs to cast the spell without factoring in the Hero's skill level, attribute level, and individual spell effects. Generally, magicka costs are higher.