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Not to be confused with Arkay.

Orkey, also known as the Old Knocker,[1][2][3] is the Nordic god of mortality whose worship began during the Aldmeri rule over Atmora. He is considered an enemy god to the Nords and often tries to ruin them.[4] Orkey is believed to be a Nordic variant of the Daedric Prince Malacath, the patron god of Orcs,[2] though he is also believed to have a possibly more heavy relation to the god Arkay.[3][5]

According to Nordic belief, Atmorans used to live as long as Elves did until Orkey tricked them into a bargain that limited an Atmoran's life span to a count of winters.[4] During the reign of Ysmir Wulfharth in Skyrim, Orkey summoned the ghost of Alduin the World-Eater to eat the years that Nords had to live. The lifespan of the Nords was eventually cut down to only six years, at this point Wulfharth pleaded to Shor to save his people. Shor responded to Wulfharth's plea and fought Alduin on the spirit plane. After defeating Alduin, Shor redirected the curse Orkey put on the residents of Orsimer. Wulfharth watched the fight between Shor and Alduin, subsequently learning a new Thu'um which he used to return his people back to their normal selves. This act cost Wulfharth his life.[1]