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"What can I do for you?"


Orla is a Nord priestess of Dibella at the Temple of Dibella in Markarth.


If she catches the Dragonborn stealing from the Temple and he or she escapes, she will hire bounty hunters to "teach that thief a lesson." She can also be rescued in one variant of the quest "Rescue Mission."


She can be married, and upon doing so will provide a daily income, collectible when spoken to.

Though the dialogue option to move to a new home is available, and she will travel to Riften to be married, Orla will not actually move from the temple of Dibella to a new home.

After marriage, Orla does not have the option to become a follower.

Orla's marriage dialogue options and voicing are the same as for Jordis the Sword-Maiden, (Housecarl, Proudspire Manor, Solitude), with the exception of the follower dialogue options and housecarl/thane dialogues.


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