"We'll hold this area. You head to the back of the castle, and find the Count."
Savlian Matius[src]

Ormellius Goldwine quote

Count Ormellius Goldwine, also known as the Count of Kvatch, was the ruler of the city Kvatch.


The Battle for Castle KvatchEdit

Upon reaching the Chapel of Akatosh in Kvatch, Savlian Matius will say that the battle for Kvatch is not over yet, and that Castle Kvatch must be retaken.

In the final part of the quest, Savlian Matius asks the Hero to find out whether or not the Count survived the attack on his castle.

When the Hero finds his room, they discover that he did not survive, finding him "face down in a pool of his own blood." The Colovian Signet Ring is on his body, and must be delivered to Savlian to complete the quest.


Item GoldIcon WeightIcon
Black & Burgundy Outfit 6 1
Brass Topaz Ring 30 0.1
Colovian Signet Ring 200 0
Gold Trimmed Shoes 4 2


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