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Orotheim is a small three room cave located southwest of Morthal and north of Talking Stone Camp, near the Crabber's Shanty.


Notable items[]


The cave has three main rooms, usually inhabited by several bandits, as well as their leader. In the last room, a pull chain activates a concealed door leading back to the entrance. The Bandit Chief has a journal describing their hunting efforts.


Alchemy ingredients[]



  • Several types of mushrooms used in alchemy grow in the cave.
  • Orotheim is one of several dungeons that a Courier's Letter may give the location of.
  • The Bandit Chief's journal indicates that the group has been attempting to hunt the mammoths at the nearby Talking Stone Camp, but have been unsuccessful due to the Giants guarding them. However, if the Dragonborn succeeds in slaying the Giants, a group of bandits will attempt to kill a Mammoth, fail, and then retreat back to Orotheim.