"You must be the cat burglar I've been told to expect. Follow me."

Orrin quote

Orrin is a Redguard who works as a blacksmith in Anvil Castle

He is usually in the castle's smithy, which is located directly to the right upon entering the castle and he regularly eats with the Countess during supper. He also knows the secret passageways in the Castle.

Orrin also works as a fence for the Thieves Guild. He has 1200GoldIcon for this.


Taking Care of LexEdit

The plan is to have Hieronymus Lex restationed to Anvil where he can do little harm to the guild.

Independent ThieveryEdit

Orrin becomes a fence for the Hero after finishing Taking Care of Lex.


  • "Remember, act casual, like we haven't done anything illegal."


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