Orsinium Mages Guild is one of many guildhalls owned by the Mages Guild. It can be found in the city of Orsinium and is situated on top of the Temple of Ire.


Main HallEdit

Main hall of the Mages Guild is where the majority of its members can be found. It can be accessed though the main entrance, and has doors to the Mages Guild Dormitory, Hydalion's Potions & Elixirs and Fabasi's Runes & Enchantments. The Area is guarded by Orsinium Guards.


Mages Guild Dormitory is where the members of the guild rest, but it can be found empty and unguarded. The area can be accessed via an unlocked door on the first floor in the main hall.

Soul and StoneEdit

Soul and Stone is a store located inside the Mages Guild, it can be found on the second floor in the main hall. It is run by the mystic Ajac Falbert.

Notable itemsEdit



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