"I don't know how we're going to get all this done. I miss the days when I could just request another contingent of slaves."
―Overseer Shiralas[src]

Overseer Shiralas is a Dunmer overseer in charge of handling the construction of Vivec City who may be found in Pilgrim's Approach. She has been married to Varona Beloren for five years.


Divine ConundrumEdit

Lord Vivec needs a Blessing Stone for the ritual of divination. Archcanon Tarvus suggests for you to borrow it from the ziggurat still under construction. Shiralas can be asked about this, and will be found near Pilgrim's Approach.

Divine DisasterEdit

Divine BlessingsEdit


The following dialogue will take place during "Divine Conundrum."

Archcanon Tarvus sent me. I need to borrow your Blessing Stone. "Our Blessing Stone? Do you know what happens if we give up our Blessing Stone? Well, neither do I, but I'm sure it won't put us back on schedule or end our string of disasters. I'm not one to disagree with the Archcanon, but that's a terrible idea."

Lord Vivec needs the Blessing Stone to perform a ritual. "Lord Vivec? Why didn't you say so? But I'll need your help before I can turn over my Blessing Stone. The passage that leads to the consecration chamber collapsed, trapping some of my workers. If you can clear the way, you can borrow the stone."
I'll clear the passage and free your workers on my way to retrieve the stone. "I appreciate the help. Just remember that you're only borrowing the stone. It needs to be back in the consecration chamber before the next shift or we'll never get this ziggurat constructed in time."


  • "This project has been nothing but one disaster after another. How am I expected to get this ziggurat built on time when things constantly go wrong? Don't mind me. I'm just having one of those days." —During "Divine Conundrum"
  • "Clear the passage and rescue my workers and you can borrow the Blessing Stone. Just let Lord Vivec know that we'll need it back to finish building this part of his city." —During "Divine Conundrum"
  • "Me, among all these fine people! When I received Lord Vivec's summons, I didn't even change my clothes! I feel honored and embarrassed all at once!" —During "Divine Blessings"


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