"I thought that was you when I saw you enter the keep. You were in there so long, though. I was beginning to think you'd never come back out. It's scary, isn't it? Malacath this and Trinimac that. And all that talk about traitors in the court …."

Owayine is a Breton messenger first met during the events of The Anger of a King, outside of King Kurog's Scarp Keep. He is a source of information on the whereabouts of Eveli Sharp-Arrow, a supposed traitor to Orsinium. Later on, he will succumb to grievous wounds inside the Greedy Gut.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The Anger of a King[edit | edit source]

Since Eveli Sharp-Arrow had seemingly betrayed Kurog, the King of the Orsimer sends the Vestige to find her and deal with her, yet they do not know where to start. Owayine is the source of information they seek, met outside the king's Scarp Keep.

The King's Gambit[edit | edit source]

Inside the Greedy Gut, Owayine is found, grievously injured. The Vestige must speak to him for information on Chief Bazrag and Eveli Sharp-Arrow's whereabouts.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Anger of a King

You said you had a message? "Right, right. A little Wood Elf gave it to me. Described you to a turn and asked me to deliver this letter. Not sure why she was hiding under that hood or why she spoke with a funny accent, but I haven't met that many Wood Elves, so …."

Did this Wood Elf say anything else? "As a matter of fact, although it didn't make a lick of sense to me. She said the letter itself wasn't important. She said that what really matters is the beginning of every thought. Maybe you'll understand it, because I certainly don't!"

If spoken to again, before reading the letter:

"No, I have no idea what it means. Hey, I'm just the messenger!"

If spoken to again, after reading the letter:

"You know, come to think of it, maybe the message is in some kind of code. Hey, maybe someone in the Mages Guild could help you decipher that. I mean, if you need any help, that is."

Do you know anyone who can decipher codes? "Well, maybe, if there's actually a hidden message and it's not just some weird poem. I have a friend, sort of. Name's Kalina. She just arrived in the Mages Guild and she's the smartest person I know. She could help you. Probably."

If spoken to again, after asking for advice:

"Check with my friend Kalina in the Mages Guild if you need any help figuring out what that letter means. She loves that type of stuff."

The King's Gambit

"You're ... a little late. They just ... left me here to die …."

What happened here? Where are the others? "I was running messages ... for the cute Wood Elf and the grumpy Orc ... When I returned, the soldiers rushed in ... stabbed me."
Where are Eveli and Chief Bazrag? "They never saw it coming. The soldiers grabbed the Orc chief and the Elf ... took them away. By the order of ... the king. I guess I was ... just in the way."
Hang on, Owayine. "<Owayine has succumbed to his wounds.>"

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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