"I don't know who you are, friend, but you've got about ten seconds to tell me what you're doing in my Bloodworks before I lop your arms off."

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Owyn is the current blademaster of the Arena. He is a Redguard with a short temper and a stabbing wit. He is very jaded, often taunting the Hero by stating that he does not believe they will survive the next fight, for example: "You see to it that the people of Cyrodiil get some entertainment, and I'll see to it that you get a decent burial!".

However, as Owyn is presumably short-tempered and irreverent with all those he speaks to, this is probably not meant as a personal insult. As the Hero advances through the ranks of the Arena, Owyn becomes more and more friendly. He has asked the Battle Matron, Ysabel Andronicus, to marry him but she refused saying "I'm old, not desperate."


The Hero can talk to him to become a combatant in the Arena, and to receive rewards and advancement after fights. He also gives the Hero a brief history of the Arena, although an anonymous Blue Team Gladiator standing nearby can give a more complete history.

On the ground beside Owyn, the Hero can find a crumpled note written by Branwen claiming to be Owyn's daughter, and that he does not believe her.

Upon meeting Owyn for the first time, he expresses his strong disbelief at The Hero for asking to participate in the Arena. Owyn laughs in an insulting way and asserts The Hero will not be able to survive for long. In fact, upon asking for rumors, he jabs an insult by calling the new participant an idiot and wonders if there is any truth to that.

However, as The Hero ascends in rank, Owyn completely changes his look and expresses his surprise several times, especially when The Hero has triumphed over 3 Argonian bandits. He finally gives his respect and offers more moral support.

When reaching the rank of Hero, Owyn no longer chastises The Hero and when asking for rumors again, he does admit he is curious on The Grey Prince's ambiguous origins and later, his love life.


"I don't know who you are, friend, but you've got about ten seconds to tell me what you're doing in my Bloodworks before I lop your arms off. (Or "You again, huh? So what is it this time? Better start talkin' before my sword starts swingin'!" if approached again.)"

I'll be going now. "You're damn right you will! This is a training hall, not a nursery! Now get back up those stairs while you still have legs! Damned tourists...."
I want to be a combatant. "You what? You want to be a combatant? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Look at you! My granny could beat you, and she's dead! Wait, you're serious, aren't you? What is with you people? You walk in, want to be combatants, and your entrails end up decorating my Red Room. All right, it's your funeral. Welcome to the Arena, you filthy Pit Dog. You're free to fight, so long as you know the rules of competition. Now, let me give you your Battle Raiment. It's the uniform of all Arena combatants. Do you want a Light Raiment or a Heavy Raiment?"
I'll take the Light Raiment. "A Light Raiment, huh? You sure? I figured you for the Heavy Raiment type. You know, hide behind a skin of steel? Hmph. Okay then, here. Put that on, see if it fits okay. When you're ready for a match, I'll be waiting. You want to fight, you talk to me. All right then."
I'll take the Heavy Raiment. "Here. Wear it proudly. And keep it in good condition, would you? That way I can give it to some other suicidal idiot after you're dead. Just let me know when you're ready for a match and we can get this over with."
Battle Matron "That's Ysabel Andronicus, crabby old woman who sits over there. She's dear to me, so if you wrong her in any way, I'll rip your damn liver out."
Blademaster "That's me, genius. Down here, I'm the boss. I don't care if the Emperor's ghost is floating around. In the Bloodworks, he answers to me."
Gaiden Shinji "The first Arena Blademaster. Best damned warrior that ever lived, served the Order of Diagna. Got killed fighting the Orcs. Azura rest his soul."
Grand Champion "The reigning Grand Champion is Agronak Gro-Malog. His fighting name is "The Gray Prince." He's an Orc... well, Half-Orc, actually, or so they say. The important thing is he's been Grand Champion for nearly a decade. Why? Because nobody's had the gut to face him. The Gray Prince is unbeatable. At least, that's what the people of Cyrodiil have come to believe. Maybe it's time someone stepped into that Arena and proved them wrong..."
Rules of Competition "You fight for the Blue Team. You fight against the Yellow Team. In order to fight in the Arena you must wear an Arena Battle Raiment. The Battle Raiment covers your entire body. You can use your own helmet, shield, and weapon, so choose those items wisely. The Battle Raiment's already enchanted, so you can't muck with it. But aside from that, anything goes. Magic, stealth... whatever you need to win. You can compete in the Arena any day from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Just come to me, tell me you're ready for a match, and away you'll go. Got it? Good. If you actually manage to win a fight, don't get any ideas about looting your opponent's corpse! That's strictly forbidden."
Rumors "I heard a rumor that you're an idiot. Any truth to that?"

"Get a move on."

Show: Arena
In the Arena District:

"You haven't run home to momma yet, huh? That's a good sign. So, you ready for a match, or do you just need some information?"

Ready for a match "All right, maggot. Looks like you're suited up in your Battle Raiment and all set to go. The Red Room is just over there. When you're ready to get eviscerated, just head up the ramp to the Arena. Good luck, and may Azura have mercy on your soul."

After winning the first Match:

"By the Nine Divines, you did it! You actually won! You ain't so bad after all, Pit Dog. You may even survive enough matches to advance in rank. Here, kid, this is your payout for the victory. There's more where that came from if you can keep on winning. Now go unwind before your next fight."

Before the second Match:

"Okay, so you're not a complete loser. Don't get cocky. Let me know when you're ready for a match and you can prove yourself to me some more."

Ready for a match "Ha ha! Now that's the spirit! You give the people of Cyrodiil a good show, and I'll make sure you get a decent burial! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

After winning the second Match:

"Okay, so you did it again. What do you want from me, a hug? Take your gold and get out of my face, Pit Dog."

Before the third Match:

"The Yellow Team ain't gonna fight itself, you lazy Pit Dog! You ready for a match, or what?"

Ready for a Match "You must be downright determined to get yourself killed, huh? Okay then, head back up to the Arena and try not to die before the gate opens."

After winning the third Match:

"I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're no longer a Pit Dog. That's right, you've actually advanced in rank. Congratulations... Brawler."

As a Brawler:

"You know what Brawler rank is worth around here? Nothing! Face it kid, you're still a maggot! You need to keep fighting if you want to be somebody!"

Ready for a Match "Okay Brawler, you know the drill. Head up to that Arena and show 'em who's boss!"

After winning the first Match:

"Four wins is okay kid, but it don't make you Grand Champion. Here's your payout. Now go clean yourself up before your next match."

Before the second match:

"That Raiment's getting a little tight on you, Brawler! I think you need some exercise! What do you say? Ready for a match?"

Ready for a Match "All right, Brawler, this next match is going to be a challenge. Turns out there are two Wood Elf sisters who always fight together. They're twins, actually. You got to take 'em both out! Now get in there, and show those tree climbers who's boss!"

After winning the second match:

"Ha! Those girls didn't stand a chance! Good job, Brawler. Here's your take. One more match and you'll advance again."

Before the third match:

"You beatin' those twins is a good sign. You got a lot of fight in ya. Let me know when you're ready to get bloody again."

Ready for a Match "Your next opponent is a Khajiit. Not one of the quick, jumpy ones either. This goes in heavy, usually with an axe! Now go get 'em!"

After winning the third match:

"Okay, so you can fight. Your new title is Bloodletter. You're gettin' into a real game now, kid. More gold for more blood. Don't disappoint me."

As a Bloodletter:

"You made it to Bloodletter, which is more than I can say for most people who step into that Arena. Keep it up."

Ready for a Match "This next opponent is a Redguard. I've seen him fight with both a mace and a sword, so be ready for either one."

After winning the first match:

"That was a good fight, Bloodletter. You really showed that Redguard who's boss! Here's your take. Now go clean yourself up."

Before the second match:

"Come on Bloodletter, don't lose your momentum now. Keep fighting!"

Ready for a Match "Your next opponent wears a Heavy Raiment, but attacks with a short sword. She's like a heavily-armored wasp, and has the temper to match. Careful"

After winning the second match:

"Okay, so you killed the Breton. Don't get a big head. Here's your payout"

Before the third match:

"My Red Room got its paint job from fighters like you! After you disembowel the next idiot, I want you to smear his blood all over the walls! Ha ha!"

Ready for a Match "Next up is a Dark Elf. I've never seen him fight before, but he's got a bow as well as a sword, so be ready for a ranged attack!"

After winning the third match:

"Good work, Bloodletter. Or should I say Myrmidon? That's right, you've risen in rank. You know how it works. More blood, more gold. Here."

As a Myrmidon:

"All right, Myrmidon, time to stop messing around! You ready to teach those Yellow Team scumbags a lesson, or what?"

Ready for a Match "Don't be fooled by your next opponent. The little dagger he uses is actually a powerful enchanted weapon called Shimmerstrike. Now go get 'em!"

After winning the first match:

"I guess you told that Wood Elf what you thought of his magic dagger, huh? He he he he. Here's your gold. Nice going."

Before the second match:

"You're hungry, Myrmidon! I can see it in your eyes! You ready to feed that hunger? Huh? You ready for another match?"

Ready for a Match "No surprises with this next one, just a High Elf with a chip on her shoulder. Get up to that Arena and make her beg for death!"

After winning the second match:

"Altmer. They act all high and mighty until you leave them in a pool of their own blood. Here's your gold. Go take a breather."

Before the third match:

"You're cutting through the Yellow Team like a knife through scrib jelly! One more fight and you'll advance to Warrior rank!"

Ready for a Match "This next opponent is your standard axe-armed Orc. He's in a Heavy Raiment, and looks pretty fit. Nothin' you can't handle."

After winning the third match:

"There are few things scarier than an Orc with an axe, but you didn't even flinch! That victory brings you up to Warrior rank. Well done!"

As a Warrior:

"You're a Warrior now. That ain't no joke. They may not know your name, but the people out there, the spectators, they know you now. They come to this Arena to see you, so go out there and give the people what they want!"

Ready for a Match "I've seen this next one fight before. She's a Nord, very quick, very strong. She favors a longsword and knows how to use it. Don't underestimate her."

After winning the first match:

"You left that Nord in pretty rough shape, Warrior. They'll probably have to ship her back to Skyrim in pieces. Nice work. Here's your take."

Before the second match:

"Look at you! You keep coming back for more! All right, Warrior, you ready for a match?"

Ready for a Match "Ugh, spellcasters. That's what this next one is, a High Elf sorceress or something. Just get in close and stab her a few times, that'll teach her."

After winning the second match:

"Another High Elf has been taught the meaning of humility, thanks to the Blue Team's number one Warrior. You really earned your keep this time."

Before the third match:

"One more match is all you need to advance again, up to Gladiator rank. Most combatants never make it that far. But you are the exception, aren't you?"

Ready for a Match "Your next opponent is the most savage, blood-crazed Orc I've ever seen, and believe me I've seen a lot of 'em! This will not be fun! She'll come out of that gate with a warhammer the size of a child, and she'll swing it until your heart explodes! Don't let that happen!"

After winning the third match:

"You hit that Orc so hard, her mother in Orsinium started bleedin'! That victory advances you to the rank of Gladiator. Enjoy the gold."

As a Gladiator:

"Gladiator. It's not very often I get to call somebody that. You're doing the Blue Team proud, kid. Now go kill somebody before I get all weepy!"

Ready for a Match "Listen up! This next match is an outrage, but there's nothin' I can do about it! You've got three opponents this time, and you have to beat them all! They're Argonian prisoners, brought here from Black Marsh. They've been told they have to kill you in exchange for their freedom! I don't know what crimes they commited, but it's your life or their freedom! The choice should be pretty clear! Get going, and watch yourself!"

After winning the first match:

"The Yellow Team surprised even me with that match. Three against one! I guess they didn't know who they were dealin' with, huh? Well done!"

Before the second match:

"You ain't gonna stop until you hit Champion, are you? Well good! The Blue Team needs as much glory as we can get!"

Ready for a Match "After that last match, this one should feel like a vacation. One Khajiit in a Heavy Raiment, probably with a sword. Nothin' you can't handle."

After winning the second match:

"You showed that cat whose claws are sharper, eh? I would expect no less. Here's your gold. Now go wash up. You look awful."

Before the third match:

"What's a Gladiator without an Arena to fight in? So get up there and start cracking some skulls! Besides, one more fight and you advance again."

Ready for a Match "This next one's a Breton. He looks like a bit of a dandy, but he's deadly with a blade. He has more experience than you, so be prepared."

After winning the third match:

"By defeating that Breton, you've secured your advancement. It's been a long time since I've said this, but congratulations, Hero."

As a Hero:

"You're about to face off against the best the Yellow Team has to offer. Azura knows you're the best the Blue Team's got."

Ready for a Match "The first Yellow Team Hero you'll face is an Imperial in Heavy Raiment. He fights with an Akaviri longsword. Thing is, this guy used to be a Blade. You know, those guys who protect the Emperor? He's a trained swordsman, so keep your down head down!"

After winning the first match:

"Defeating an Arena Hero is one thing, but defeating a former member of the Blades? You must be blessed by the Divines or somethin', my friend."

Before the second match:

"You're a Hero, my friend. That crowd is out there for one reason: to see you destroy the Yellow Team! Now go give 'em what they want!"

Ready for a Match "Okay, Hero. This next opponent is a High Elf wizard, a master in the school of Destruction. But wait, it gets worse... He also uses an enchanted shield called the Gray Aegis, which gives him some serious magic resistances. Your best bet is to just charge straight in! Press the attack, and don't give him a chance to let off a spell! I don't want to have to sweep your ashes out of the Arena!"

After winning the second match:

"I'll be honest, Hero. With the kinds of victories you've been having, I knew that Elf didn't stand a chance. Here's your gold."

Before the third match:

"You're at the end of a long road, Hero. This is the last time you'll face off against the Yellow Team before being named Champion. Go up to that Arena and make sure the people of Cyrodiil never forget that it was you who brought the Yellow Team to its knees!"

Ready for a Match "All right, this is it. Your last fight against the Yellow Team. I guess you could say they saved the best for last. The three best, actually. You're up against a swordsman, an archer and a spellcaster. Two lower level combatants, plus that Yellow Team Champion you've seen down here. You beat all three, and you get named Champion! I know you can do this! Now get up there and show everyone why you're the best! Oh wait, there's one more thing! I sent Porkchop the boar up to the Arena to help you out. He'll at least keep one of them distracted! Now good luck!"

After winning the third match:

"You did it! You beat them, every last one! Do you know how long it will take the Yellow Team to recover from this? Ha ha ha ha ha! My friend, it is with great honor that I advance you to the rank of Champion! You've done it! You've shown them all you're the best! Well, almost the best... You're done competing in normal Arena matches. But there's still the Grand Champion... Kid, you've got more guts. And skill. I think you can take the Gray Prince! Go over and talk to Ysabel if you think I'm right!"

If approached as Champion:

Ready for a Match "Ready? Ready for what? You're a champion now! The Grand Championship is the only thing left!"

If approached as Grand Champion:

Ready for a Match "Ready? Ready for what? You're Grand Champion! You've already won it all! The whole damn thing! Ha ha ha ha ha!"


  • "What are you waiting for? You signed up for this, maggot! Now get up to that Arena and fight!" – When approached after starting a match
  • "I know you're ready! I already approved your match, you idiot! Now get up to that Arena and spill some blood!" – When asked ready for a match after starting a match
  • "I heard a rumor that you're an idiot, any truth to that?" – When asked for rumors


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