Paarthurnax's Roar

Paarthurnax, the namesake of the deck

Paarthurnax's Roar is one of the five purchasable decks in The Elder Scrolls: Legends added with the Heroes of Skyrim expansion. It costs (USD/EUR $/€4.99) or 500 Gold (Legends) and is an agility and strength deck.


Being an agility and strength deck, Paarthurnax's Roar comes with many cards that debuff the opponent. The strongest creature in the deck in Paarthurnax, a card that works very well with the rest of this deck.

Paarthurnax's Roar is a fast paced control deck that favors debuffing and then killing the opponent's creatures to defend the player over placing Guards to defend the player. Paarthurnax's Roar comes with a variety of medium strength to high strength creatures with simple abilities to learn, making this deck great for beginners.



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