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Pack Leader is a skill that appears in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is from the Werewolf skill tree.


Transform into a beast, fearing nearby enemies for 3 seconds. While transformed, your Light Attacks apply a bleed for x Physical Damage over 8 seconds, your Heavy Attacks deal 50% splash damage, and your Max Stamina is increased by 30%. Summon two direwolves while transformed. If killed, they return after 10 seconds. While slotted, your Stamina Recovery is increased by 15%.


  • Update 1: Reduced the ultimate cost for this ability.[1]
  • Update 5: This ability's tooltip now specifies the amount of Ultimate you gain; this is now a flat value and only works for werewolves. We also fixed an issue where this ability wasn't granting ultimate to allies.[2]



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